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Posted on: December 22, 2013

On Friday 20th December 2013, Azra Naheed Medical College’s students warmly welcome their juniors batch by giving them a welcome party 2013. Events was began by recitation of HOLY QURAN at 12pm, then NAAT-E-RASOUL and speech of principal Dr,Akbar Choudary,

After it a welcome speech by a student to the new batch of DPT then a funny talk show of Adnan (DPT-IV) (aka altaf) with Zeeshan (DPT-V) (aka common person or anchor)  there is a break for Jumma prayers. Again remaining started at 2.15pm and funny names and awards are given to some students like back benchers, latecomer, boring person etc.

Then a funny tablo “CHARSI STUDENTS” by Shazil (DPT-III) with others (DPT) students. Then a special musical performance by Korean band, then a classical musical chairs game for the (DPT-I) students and singing by Adnan (DPT-III) and a rocking dance by Shazil (DPT-III). Then a funny songs dedicated by Mohsin & Anum (DPT-VI) and tittle are given to the faculty teachers and administrations. At the ends, thank you speech by a DPT-I student to their seniors and ending of the events.  Students enjoyed the functions and meals.

And it was the great achievement by the whole Physiotherapy departments, along with the events members and ANMC Physiotherapy Society.


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